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Solairus Eco-Village

More people are inquiring about houses that are smaller, artful, and more energy efficient. New Earth Shelters is excited to offer all of these features under one roof. We are passionate about harnessing the sun's natural energy to heat homes. Passive solar design features add value by providing thermal heating and natural lighting.

Solairus currently has 3 passive solar home sites available and will build to suit your vision. Beautiful mountain views, a certified trout stream and sandy beach, communal garden space and pasture land, and a covered picnic/music shelter are already part of Solairus. An old barn is being cleaned and renovated for gatherings and food production, and a shared winery, brewery and greenhouse are possible for future development.

Solairus is a Golden Rule community.

Shared Amenities

Hydroelectric Power  

A spring fed waterwheel will create enough renewable energy to power the greenhouse and community barn and gathering space.  

Community Barn & Gathering Space  ​

The barn will host everything from hay storage to barn dances, workshops and a communal kitchen.  The kitchen will also be used for food preservation such as canning and dehydrating.  A portion of the barn will be dedicated to brewing beer and making wine.  The barn will be surrounded by beautiful vineyards. 


Organic Gardens

Each residence will have a garden plot with access to the greenhouse and garden shed.  The garden area overlooks beautiful mountain views to breathe in as you tend your veggie patch. A chicken house will protect free range chickens and provide farm fresh eggs for residents to enjoy.


Riverfront Recreation Area

Enjoy the sandy beach while music overflows from the small stage along the river.  The gazebo will provide necessary shade on hot summer days. The adjacent picnic area will host summertime gatherings and outdoor family fun.


Individual lots sell for $35,000 each.  We are looking for earth-aware people who enjoy community living in a relaxed, rural atmosphere with The Golden Rule as the primary guiding principle. You can build your own house, or New Earth will build one for you at any stage of construction.  

Conceptual Plan


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