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Some of our favorite home plans
Custom and Pre-Fabricated Timber Frame Homes
The New River

​As bold as the New River, meandering and splashing through North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, this house is fresh and exciting.  Why live in a boring house when you can have an artful, spacious, light-filled place of beauty?  This home design is perfect for passive solar energy gain.  It is easy to build and affordable to own.  What more could you ask for?

Custom and Pre-Fabricated Timber Frame Homes

The Falls Creek

​Designed for simplicity and space saving affordability, the Falls Creek may just be the home for you.  We offer this plan in 1500 and 1700 sq. ft. versions.  Craftsman style and exposed timbers combine to create  the comforting feeling of the “old days.”  Every day feels like a vacation in the Falls Creek. Designed for flexibility, you can make the layout smaller or larger by utilizing our custom design service.

Custom and Pre-Fabricated Timber Frame Homes

The Clear Creek

Whoever said big things come in small packages was correct.  Small homes provide a comfortable feeling that’s hard to describe.  Secure comfort, maybe that gets close.  With just 775 sq. ft. of main living space, a front and back porch, and a loft, there is ample room for comfortable living and entertaining. This home is designed for attaching additions later on, be it a sunroom or extra bedroom.

Custom and Pre-Fabricated Timber Frame Homes

The Harmony Creek
Front porch, rear porch, side porch, you get the idea we think porches are important.  Outdoor space is often underutilized. The Harmony Creek home allows you to sit on the sunny side and feel the warm, radiant heat from the sun, or relax in the cool breezes on the shady side.  You have lots of options with this model.  Add a sun room with patio roof and you create space for many occasions.  Face the front south, glass in the porch, and you will turn this simple country design into a passive solar house that competes with the best of them.  The dormer adds light while blocking the summer heat.  In winter you gain free solar heat.  Free Heat!  

Custom and Pre-Fabricated Timber Frame Homes

The Bluff Mountain

​This house is designed to feel spacious while having a modest footprint. Options exist to add a wrap around porch, connecting the front with the back of the home.  Check out the floor plans for more ideas on how to get a great design without the additional cost of excessive square footage.  At 1,744 square feet, you will feel right at home, taking in the views from your cozy great room and living your dream on a practical budget.

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