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About Us​​

New perspectives are emerging toward housing as Americans become increasingly committed to protecting natural and economic resources.  The home we choose expresses our values, and having a smaller, more energy efficient home can improve our quality of life in a variety of ways. Having less housing overhead allows for more disposable income to spend in your community, purchase healthy food, travel, and enjoy recreation.  The team at New Earth Shelters is dedicated to building a better tomorrow, one efficient, artful, and affordable house at a time.

LARRY DEAL, founder and proprietor of New Earth Shelters, has been a builder since 1981.  He received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Western Carolina University in 1976.  Larry is passionate about Timber Frame homes because of their strength, beauty and durability.  His goal is to make homes more affordable and highly energy efficient.  Also a musician, Larry and his son Grayson. along with a few other talented friends, perform as The Big Deal Band, a popular bluegrass band in Black Mountain and western North Carolina. Larry has also written a book, "How To Prepare Now", about living sustainably and preparing for a healthy future. 

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