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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a modular home and a traditional stick built home?

A. Modular homes are built to the same strict code standards as a typical stick built home. They are inspected by state code officials.  The major difference is that modulars are built inside a factory, avoiding the time delays and weather extremes that site built houses endure.  Off frame modulars are set by a crane and sit on the same footings and foundations.  They can be set on a basement foundation or crawl space. They typically come in two or more sections and are bolted together where they join.  

Is financing easy to get on modulars?

A. We have seen no difference in banks and savings and loan companies financing mortgages on modulars.   On frame modulars do have difficulty obtaining financing. 

What is the difference of on frame and off frame modulars?

A. Off Frame modulars have the same flooring system as a typical stick built home.  They are delivered on trailers and lifted off and set on the foundation with a crane.  On frame modulars are similar to mobile homes in that they are built on a trailer. When they are set , the foundation is built up underneath them. 

Do modular homes appraise as well as stick built homes?

A. We have seen no difference in appraised values between off frame modulars and stick built homes.  Most appraisers know that they are built well and to code.  

Do Modular homes appreciate in value?

A.  Yes and because they are typically lower in price, many homeowners gain instant equity once the home is compete.

What is the turn key price of a typical modular home compared to a stick built home?

A. In our area in Asheville, North Carolina, stick built homes start at around $180 per sq. ft., depending on size,  site conditions and amenities.  Our modulars range from $130 to $150 per sq. ft., under the same conditions. 

Can your homes be changed and customized?

A.  Yes.  We can make changes and can even design and build a custom home.  Most changes involve moving walls to open up space, adding doors and windows, adding can lights. On our smaller 3 bedroom plans, many people remove a wall making them a 2 bedroom with a larger living area. 

Can modulars go anywhere?

A. There may be restrictions in a subdivision that will not allow a modular home.  Some sites are too steep or too narrow to get the home and crane in.  We will check out your site to see if it is suitable. 

You claim that modulars are actually better built than some on site stick built homes. Why?

A.  Being built out of the weather makes a huge difference.  This year it has rained almost every day from spring through summer.  Winter is particularly hard on the construction process.  Being built in a factory, our homes have no mold growth and wood warping is kept to a minimum.  Our skilled trade workers are trained and supervised well and take pride in their work.  That is not to say that stick built homes are not well built.  I know of many builders that build excellent homes and create beautiful, strong custom homes. 

Why do you use 2x6 construction exterior wall construction instead of 2x4's?

The main reason is to get more insulation between the studs, making the home more energy efficient.  It also makes the home stronger.

How long does it take from start to finish to complete the home?

From signing of the contract, it can take from 3 to 6months, depending on the type of house and time of year.  While the home is being built, the lot can be graded, footing and foundation prepared, driveway and utilities completed. 

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